Why Us

At PVS, we bring years of extensive security and investigative services experience enabling us to deliver highest levels of professionalism and effectiveness. Protecting and securing your organization's valuable assets, employees and guests is our priority. Our experience, training, customer service and philosophy of prevention are designed to provide maximum protection and value. Utilizing the following approach, PVS has successfully delivered quality security services to clients nationwide since 1977:

1. We believe that an exceptional security program begins with selecting highly motivated and service-oriented security officers and providing them with all the training they need to be successful at your property.

2. For over decades we have provided premium contract professional security services across many diverse industries and Institutions throughout the Country.

3. To offer the best service, We use web-based software to manage all our security services and business operations. From employee identification to scheduling, our software conveniently automates all staffing, including attendance and performance tracking.

Tablet and smart-phone applications allow for fast and efficient incident reporting, as well as continuous communications between command and security personnel.

Our system also integrates human resources and billing functions for cost-effective and seamless back-office operations.