A candidate aspiring to join as an employee of this company is always screened through personal interview, hand written bio-data, through own intelligence and Police verification. Post employment, whenever necessary is also done in similar fashion.

Dogs of good breeds are trained and provided as guards. Dog handlers are also trained to conduct the dogs at various types of posts including public gathering. Sniffer dogs are also provided for searching purposes.

Tall, handsome, educated, intelligent and agile guards are provided for protection of VIPs and VVIPs. They are mostly armed with small weapons like pistols, revolvers and such other weapons.

We have experts in shadowing, following, chasing and keeping close eye contact on one or a group of persons and sending continuous feed back to the originator.

We have experts of defence, police and paramilitary background to conduct Security Audit and advise corrective measures in multifarious set-ups.

A number of dedicated teams are kept ready to organize management of events. We have a bevy of Bouncers, Body-builders and Karate specialists to provide pomp and show to the events.

We have trained personnel for sorting out soiled / torn currency notes with the help of high tech machine. We have experts for detection of fake notes. We undertake filling cash in ATMs and encoding of cheques etc.

We arrange for insurance coverage on private property, private cars and buildings against burglary, theft, fire and such other accidents except otherwise caused by natural calamity.

We provide world class hardware to be fitted in cash vans, public transportation systems, delivery trucks & courier services to monitor their locations at all times. We provide installation support to customers through our network of installation providers.

Premier Vigilance & Security Pvt. Ltd Premier Vigilance & Security Pvt. Ltd
Premier Vigilance & Security Pvt. Ltd
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  In retrospect I count the imprints on the sands of time – it was a day of August 1977 the seedling of a tree was sown. It was a small time endeavor emanated out of tiredness of the servitude of a man dying of boredom and monotony, restless in the heart, clamouring for freedom from the bonds of servitude and craving for the blow of fresh air and activity of “KARMA”. It was the call of “KARMA” that impelled me to take a plunge into the adventure of an entrepreneur. READ MORE
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